Phoenicia BioSciences Mission

The mission of Phoenicia Biosciences is to advance the development and translation of therapies for serious medical conditions for which current treatments are inadequate or lacking, particularly diseases affecting global populations.Ph-LOGO

Phoenicia scientists have developed therapeutics from discovery to bedside, together obtained 20 INDs, and launched international clinical trials of novel therapies. Successful drugs have included the first monoclonal antibody,  global registration of a hematopoietic stimulant, a treatment for lymphomas caused by a common virus, and treatments which induce fetal genes to treat two genetic blood diseases. Our Therapeutic Discovery Programs activate normally silenced genes to replace deficient or defective hemoglobin, or disrupt pathologic signaling pathways in multiple cancers which allow unchecked growth.

Our Consulting Services assist academic investigators in bringing their discoveries to clinical testing in patients. We consult on the scope of FDA-required manufacturing and toxicology studies with industry specialists in regulatory, manufacturing, business basics, intellectual property,  and data coordination services. Guidance on studies “required” vs. “nice to have,”  and deciphering data needed for NIH programs which perform drug development is available.

The purpose of our service is to assist others in bridging the “valley of death” between discovery and clinical investigation.

Recent services included obtaining a GMP supply of a technically difficult but promising therapeutic for a Cleveland Clinic investigator to conduct clinical trials in a blood cancer, identifying a therapeutic suitable for repurposing for hemoglobin disorders, and tasks required to initiate trials for a new disease.

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