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20th Patent Awarded for therapeutic to treat serious blood deficiency following radiation

Phoenicia BioSciences’ Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Susan Perrine,  has received notice of approval of a 20th US Patent, 10,111, 846 B2 awarded on October 30, 2018. This oral therapeutic prolonges survival in irradiated mice following fatal irradiation in a study conducted by AFFRI, the Armed Forces Radiobiology Institute, with only a few days’ of oral ST7S treatment. ST7S  enhances recovery of white blood cells, platelets, and red blood cells after marrow suppression in several systems.

Phoenicia is seeking partners to co-develop this therapeutic.

EU Orphan Drug Designation is approved for PB-04 for treatment of Sickle Cell Disease

December 14, 2018  Phoenicia BioSciences has received notice of approval of  their application for Orphan Drug Designation for product PB-04 in the European Union. Orphan Drug Designation allows 12 years of market exclusivity following marketing approval for a new drug for treatment of adult and pediatric orphan populations.

Phoenicia BioSciences’  CMO Dr. Susan Perrine has received notice that a 20th US Patent, Number 10,111,846 B2 was approved  on October 30, 2018 for a therapeutic candidate designated ST7S, a small molecule which dramatically stimulates white blood cell proliferation and other blood cell lineages following radiation and has prolonged survival in radiated mice, in studies by AFFRI, the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute.





New US Patent Awarded

Phoenicia Scientists were awarded a new US patent (8,759,378, Issued June 24, 2014: “Methods for Treating Blood Disorders”), on newly-discovered small molecules which regulate fetal hemoglobin production for  treatment of β-thalassemiaand sickle cell disease.

Therapy for EBV-associated Lymphomas

A virus-targeted therapy for
Epstein Barr virus associated lymphomas  

Phoenicia is working to bring an innovative therapeutic approach for deadly EBV-associated lymphomas into clinical trials with a new generation and oral virus-targeted therapeutic.

Epstein Barr virusPhoenicia Founder Douglas V. Faller developed a method to activate silent genes within the dormant EBV virus, which resides in lymphoma cells.

The EBV virus, whether a “passenger” or the cancer-causing agent, can then serve as a target for therapeutics. Activating the viral TK gene causes activation of a common antiviral pro-drug, selectiving killing the lymphoma cells containing the virus.  Continue reading