Phoenicia Biosciences scientists have developed therapeutics from discovery to bedside, together obtained 20 INDs, and launched international clinical trials from academia or from biotech and pharma. Successful drugs have included the first monoclonal antibody, global development and launch of a hematopoietic stimulant, a therapy for viral-associated lymphomas, and a therapy to induce fetal genes to treat two genetic blood diseases.

Our Therapeutic Discovery Programs are targeted to activate silenced genes to replace the function of mutant diseases, or disrupt pathologic signaling pathways in hematologic and oncologic diseases.

Hemoglobinopathy Therapeutic

Phoenicia has developed novel, orally-available small molecules for therapeutic activation of developmentally silenced genes, to replace the function of mutated hemoglobin genes in sickle disease and β-thalassemia.

Hemokine - Tri-lineage Hematopoietic Stimulant

Phoenicia has developed novel proprietary, orally-available small molecules which enhance the proliferation of hematopoietic cells of all three lineages (red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets) to accelerate recovery from acute radiation sickness, transplantation and chemotherapy, or inherited cytopenias.

Ras-Targeted Cancer Therapeutic

Phoenicia Biosciences has identified a specific enzyme target (PKC-δ), for the treatment of tumors associated with mutations of the Ras oncogene. Phoenicia has developed highly-potent PKC-δ inhibitors, and is evaluating multiple analogues in in vitro and in vivo studies to identify the optimal inducer of Ras-mediated apoptosis for pharmaceutical application.

Chronic Wound Therapeutic

Phoenicia Biosciences scientists have identified a drug which dramatically accelerates healing of refractory wounds in humans, including leg ulcers. Phoenicia Biosciences is now refining an innovative topical formulation of the drug.